Monday, September 28, 2009

For the Love of Fur!

Every fall the debate rages on about the one thing the world is totally split on.


I'll admit it, I own one faux fur mink coat, one jean jacket lined in fur, and one vintage (the real deal) cloak in fox fur. I apologize for the last, it was an impulse buy at a vintage store in Santa Barbara, California and, in all honesty, it looked so good I no longer cared. The cloak is a good 50 years old!

This is the fake fur...

Well Fur is a dangerous item to own! You have to know when to wear it, how to use it and who's selling it the right way!

For those of us out there who are all about the real deal (yes there are closet real fur addicts) you can always find it in the world of Haute Couture!

Miu Miu makes a pair (get this!) of mink heels... yes.. MINK HEELS!!! You can see this in a copy of the October 09 Elle magazine.. page 177. Yeah. I'm That specific. heh.

There are fur clutches, fur hats, fur coats, fur trimmed tops, sweaters, dresses, fur trimmed boots, I even remember seeing some overzealous woman sporting a pair fo fur trimmed jeans. Why? I have no idea. I didn't bother to ask her what the hell she was thinking.



Marc Jacobs...

When shopping for fur and wearing it, you must remember PIMP isn't in. Classic, classy and sophisticated looks are what rule the runways these days. This fall is all about black and dark and steampunk overflow onto the world of high fashion, so know what you're buying before you buy it and be objective when trying it on. If you look like Snoop Dog and feel that you should be carrying a huge glittering goblet full of Henny with that coat, PUT IT DOWN!!!

Anyway, Fur isn't murder if its fake... and I have to ask myself why spend soo much on real fur if you can find a furer who works with fake fur and makes it look soo real people can't tell? You know its a damned good job if you step out on the streets and someone douses your fake fur coat in red paint screaming fur is murder.

I personally like my fur in small doses. A collar maybe, trim on a hat, a clutch. I used to own a pair of Via Spiga fur ankle boots. The fur coat I have almost never gets worn. and No.. I won't sell it! Don't ask me why. its like the signature piece in my clothing museum called a closet.

But no matter what type of fur you wear take care of it. brush it gently. store it sealed away from bugs and dust and whatnot that can destroy your investment. Try to keep it clean because, lets face it, cleaning fur (fake or real) is murder.



yeah I'm smooth.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Apparently, none of us are feeling very fashionable lately.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Battle of the Bulge

Don't ever do this. Don't ever think its okay to attempt this. Don't ever allow someone you love to walk out the house like this.

Thank you.