Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eyelashes Galore!

Thought I'd make a quick post on eyelashes. I know every girl out there wishes her eyelashes were longer, thicker, more curly, etc. I found a trick that might be helpful to all of you out there. Now for a long time I've been totally jealous of my sister's eyelashes. She doesn't even use an eyelash curler or mascara or anything! One day while we were in the bathroom doing our makeup (me trying to perfect eyeliner and my sister, radiant in her natural beauty) I finally asked her how in the world she got her eyelashes to curl and separate perfectly. She told me that every night before bed and every morning when she wakes up she takes a simple brow comb (like this one from e.l.f.) and gets in wet with warm water and carefully combs here lashes in an upward motion while wiggling it back and forth to separate her lashes.

I have to tell you guys, I was completely flabbergasted. My sister is a genius. I tried this for a week straight worked! I was shocked but then thought a little more about it. It's like when you train your hair to fall into a new natural part. Although you have to be careful obviously because your eyes are right there. One wrong slip and *POKE* emergency room trip instead of hot date. If you are trying this trick make sure to use lukewarm water so as not to cause any damage to your very sensitive eye area. And take the time and be gentle! The area around the eyes is very fragile. Just gently comb your eyelashes up while moving the comb back and forth. The word for today people is GENTLE! If you have anymore ideas like this one on how to make yourself beautiful please post a comment or two people!

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